Nocturnesque Chapter 12

by Jeff Lewis (aka The Werewolf!) © 1985

When I awoke, it was daytime and I was in a wood panelled room. A woman I'd not seen before was sitting in a chair by the bed with a bowl of hot soup.

"Eat this," she said, "you'll need it."

"Where is she?" I asked.

"She's out of danger, but she's not well."

I climbed out the bed as the room swung around. "Please, take me to her."

She led me to the next room and there she was - pale, but she seemed alright. The old man we met the night I first arrived here was sitting next to her. He motioned for me to come over.

"She is back with us, but she will be weak for a while. She saved your life, you know." he said.

"She did? I remember so many things but not much of it made sense." I told him honestly.

She turned fitfully and I sat at the side of her bed. She opened her eyes and looked up at me then at the Elder. He quietly nodded and she threw her arms around me, sobbing.

"Hey... hey... It's OK... you're going to be fine." I said to her, retuning her hugs.

The Elder stood and started to leave. As he reached the door he turned.

"Welcome home." he said and then left the room.

And he was right. I was home.

The End.

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