Nocturnesque Chapter 5

by Jeff Lewis (aka The Werewolf!) © 1985

I woke before him and put togther something for breakfast. He looked scruffy, still in his clothes. There's something funny about a person who sleeps with his mouth open.

I sit at the dresser and look at myself in the mirror. I do look a fright. I brush my hair and start to feel a bit better.

He stirs and gets up. I watch him in the mirror as he approaches and puts his arms around me neck. He's like a bear, grumbly in the morning, shuffling about his cave. Our cave, really. He kisses my cheek and mumbles morning to me.

I point him in the direction of the kitchen and he ambles off.

I awake and am disoriented. I'm not in my bedroom. Then I see her and I remember.

After all the weirdness happening lately... My God, it's only been two days... I'm glad she's still there. I get up and have to touch her just to make sure.

I get up, walk over to her and put my arm around her. I give a morning kiss and wait. I'm feeling a bit hungry and she aims me at the kitchen without asking.

I join him at the table and watch him eat for a bit. He's a mixer. The kind of person who eats a bit of everything all one time or puts everything into a sandwich.

I ask her if she would join me and she says she's already has something to eat. I hate eating alone, especially in someone elses house so she make some toast and eats it with her coffee.

We have to talk.

Yes, I know.

A lot has happened in the last two days, a lot of it I can't begin it believe let alone explain.

I'm sorry you've had to go through this, it's been hard on me as well. When I saw you I thought you might be the one. Then I was certain. Now I know.

The right one? The right what?

Mate. For me.

What an awful word for it. It sounds like we're going to go into the woods and do something bestial.

If you'd like. As long as it's with you.

Well thanks for the vote of confidence, but I still have a few questions. How did you make me see things differently? Is it drugs? I hope you're not one of those druggie types.

Oh no! Not drugs! I'm magic!

Right. Sure. What do you do for an encore, walk through walls?

If you insist. I get up and walk over to the kitchen door and close it. I focus through to the bedroom, open my eyes and am still in the kitchen!

It didn't work! That's never happened before!

Look, calm down. I was only kidding. I stand up and hold her shoulders. She pulls free.

You don't understand, it's gone. She warned me. I collapse into a kitchen chair and begin crying.

Is there anything I can do?

Not now. I have to go back to my parents. They never told me about this. I have to hope they'll know what to do. I have to go right now!

You can't go now! We... I'm not ready to let you go.

Then come with me. Mother said I should bring you along with me. I need you with me.

I...I don't know. I can't just go. I've got work.

Then I'll have to go without you. I don't want to, I may not make it without you but I have to go.

She pulls away from me and heads into the bedroom. I call out to her. Wait! If you're going, I'm going with you. I'm not taking a chance on losing you again.

She runs to me and throws her arms around me and presses her face to my cheek.

We call our respective offices and arrange for time off. She had no problem but I had a bugger. Fortunately I had last years and this years vacation accumulated and threatened to take it all off at once if they didn't take two weeks now. They did.

Then she called her parents and told them we were coming.

We packed and she went down to bid her friend, the landlord here, adieu. We walked to my car and got in.

I went down to say goodbye to Emily. She asked if I would be back. I couldn't really give her a answer yet. She hugged me and hoped everything would work out. I told her I should be back in two or three weeks, just in time to pay the next months rent. Don't worry about that she told me, just sort yourself out.

He came down the stairs and she told him to take of me. He said he'd try.

The town she described was a fair distance away and we'd have to stay over night somewhere along the way. She asked if we could camp out and I said why not? So we went to my place to pick up some gear.

While I gathered the stuff up, she walked into my bedroom and went to the closet and pulled out my old suitcase. She began to pack for me. When I asked her how she knew there was a suitcase in there, she smiled and said she was psychic. Right! Well, I decided it was best to leave that one alone for now.

I could see that any relation with this woman was going to have a lot of things best left alone.

We stowed the gear and the suitcase in the trunk and then climbed in the car. We began our trip.

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