These images were rendered in Strata StudioPro over the past year or so. They were all done using a Mac Centris 660AV with 8-12MB of RAM. The Rio Grande Runabout model was rendered on a Mac 7100/70 with 24MB of memory.

Babel Arcology
Babel Arcology
This rendered image is of the Babel arcology described by Poalo Soleri in his book Arcologies.

Discovery Scene 1
Discovery V2
This model was an entry in a small contest which required the participants to construct and render a scene from a movie. I chose the Discovery from 2001:A Space Odyessy.

Discovery Scene 2
Discovery V2
The contest also required that the scene be rended from a view other than the scene to confirm that it was rendered and not drawn or scanned.


3D Rendering (Strata Studio Pro).
North Stairwell of the University LRT Station in Edmonton Alberta Canada
North Stairwell UofA LRT Station
This image is part of a much larger model of the University LRT Station here in Edmonton. Why? Why not - it's much like model railways - only no real parts... it's all done in the computer!

Rio Grande
Runabout Rio Grande
I wanted to try and render something from Star Trek and I liked the form of the Runabouts.

Mike the TV
Mike the TV
ReBoot is a wildly popular (and rightly so) Canadian animation series which features 100% computer animation. I modelled this from a couple of frames of the TV show by sight.
Stargate (v1)
This is a rendering of the StarGate from the IV series StarGate SG-1.
Stargate (v2)
This is a better version of the StarGate model.
Stargate (v2) Closeup
This is a closeup of the better version of the StarGate


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