Imagery 3D TM


If you're into 3D files and can't read the way too many formats available on the PC, Amiga, SGI and other platforms, Imagery 3D is in the works to convert all these into QuickDraw 3D 3DMF formats.

This is a very early version so it's very beta.. so beware... but it can support the following formats now:

Tested (more or less)
.3D2 Atari CyberCad 3D2
.3DS 3DStudio 3DS (colour supported)
.3DX Atari 3DX
.COB Caligari COB (colour supported)
.LWO Lightwave LWO (colour supported)
.NFF Neutral File Format (see note below)
.ENF Neutral File Format (see note below)
.OBJ Wavefront OBJ
.FIGURE Fractal Poser v2.0 ÔfigureÕ ACTR resources.
.TPL TPoly
.TNP TPoly

Untested (if you have a sample of these files, let me know...)
.SGO Silicon Graphics SGO
.POL InnovMetrics IMCompress Polygon file

Under development now
.DXF Autocad DXF R13
.RIB Renderman RIB

Version History - Current version is 0.1.4

v0.1.4 - added POL format. fixed two bugs in the 3DS import - when importing coloured meshes, a crash could occur, when importing large meshes or point sets (more than 32767) the mesh could be skipped.
v0.1.3 - bug in Wavefront OBJ code that causes the app to hang reading these files is fixed
v0.1.2 - bad startup test which would stop the app from running on most machines is fixed

The MacBinaryII encoded version of Imagery 3D

The BinHex encoded version of Imagery 3D

Comments? Want to include these files in a collection? Mail me.